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Author Topic: Play and earn money - BlazeCoins[Finished]  (Read 7145 times)

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Play and earn money - BlazeCoins[Finished]
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:46:12 pm »
About BlazeCoins
BlazeCoins(later BC) is the currency which you can get for playing(at the moment only in X150 Warfire and X70 Empire) and exchange for real money.

Where to get BC?
From NPC: Accountant

How to exchange
After you have BlazeCoins, contact administration or connect to donation panel and fill form(beta).

Exchanging rates
100 BC = 1 USD.

How to get payment?
After you contact administration or filled a form, payment will be done via PayPal within 7 days.

Minimum windraw
Minimum amount is 15 USD.

How does it work?
We collect donations in fund account. From all incomes we keep 10% for server maintenance and others 90% we share with our players. For example, if monthly incomes is 1000 USD, we will share with our players 900 USD.

1. You can sell/buy or trade BlazeCoins in game only for game currency.
2. Cheating, using any illegal ways or programs to collect BC or any items, punishable by HWID. account ban and BC removing.
2.1. All programs like:
- clickers
- system modifications
- bots
- proxy voting and others are illegal!
3. You approve that PayPal account belongs to you and does not have any restrictions to use it.
4. You approve that money receiving does not break any your country policy and you are resposible to pay your country taxes by yourself.
5. Administration keep all rights to stop, pause this event or change the rules without any accouncement.
6. Payments will be done within 7 days, if you will break any rules in that period, your payment will be canceled and your account will be suspended.
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