[EVENT] Register Your clan

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[EVENT] Register Your clan

Post by L2Blaze » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:45 pm

Register your CLAN in ''Clans discussions'' section and recieve reward!

If I want reward, what i need to do?

Create new topic in ''Clans discussions'' section with this Info:

Clan name:
Clan leader name:
Clan alliance name:
Members (expected) :


Clan name: Owners
Clan leader name: L2Blaze
Clan alliance name: BestAlly
Members (expected) : 66

Every registered Clan will recieve 15,000 Clan reputation points!
To get reward you must have minimum 15 players Online!

To get reward please contact with us! Event reward will get clans which registered till: March 4
Skype: l2blaze.net
www.l2blaze.net in Blaze we trust...

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