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L2Blaze Empire 70x
Players online: 599
Last update: 98443197 seconds ago.

L2Blaze Warfire 150x
Players online: 652
STARTED: 2015/04/17
Last update: 98443197 seconds ago.

Total Registered players : 363767


Main rules conception

Account - registered user access to personal gaming information, also - game characters control system.
Server - any World server, its components, hardware and software.
Chat ban - punishment when player character is deprived of right to write text messages.
Account ban - punishment when access to server is prohibited.
Account removal - punishment when access to server is prohibited and all data related to offender is deleted, including created game characters and its virtual property.
Jail - punishment when game character is moved to virtual jail.
Punishment time - it's time period, which is being counted from time when player character is punished and it's still being counted even not being logged in to game. If it's jail or account ban - it's possible to be offline to proceed serving punishment. If it's chat ban - it's necessary to be online till this punishment period automaticaly ends.
Administration - group of people (consisting of forum administrators, website administrators, support system team members, programmers and others), which is administering website and server work, also supervising that players comply with adopted rules.
Game administrator (GM / Game Master) - administrative trustee, which is maintaining that players respect rules, he may also give warnings and punishments who dare not to obey rules.
NPC (Non-Player Character) - role-play game player in environment, which is often not being controlled by any real person.

3. Parties rights and responsibilities

3.1. Administration rights and responsibilities:
3.1.1. Administration is not responsible for player or group of players temporary or constant problems while connecting to game servers, if source of those problems is not in server side.
3.1.2. Administration is not responsible for data loss or any other suffered harm, if it was caused by same player fault or negligence.
3.1.3. When player data is in danger due to server work fault - administration is doing everything to solve all problems in shortest time.
3.1.4. Administration can prohibit any access to website, discussions forum, game server without giving any reasons.
3.1.5. Administration reserves a right to modify content of these rules without prior notice.
3.1.6. GM can't take any active part in game, but GM can organize activities, competitive biddings, other games and entertainment, award winners at its discretion.
3.1.7. Administration reserves a right to remove castle or clan hall owner rights, if clan hasn't at least 3 active members per week.
3.2. Player rights and responsibilities:
3.2.1. Ignorance of rules doesn't exempt from responsibility. When You're registering to play in our server, You immediately agree to these rules without any exceptions, as they are, with their changes and You promise always to obey them.
3.2.2. Account owner assumes full responsibility for all actions related to his account.
3.2.3. Each player must ensure that in his computer, in which is established opportunity to connect to our server, won't be installed any prohibited software which is mentioned in these rules 5.1. article.
3.2.4. If You observed other player which is violating these rules, You must inform about it administration (via email or any other possible ways). In this case, it's necessary to submit relevant evidences, eg. attach picture, video or to call GM directly to game during rules violation. In most cases reporter can expect prize for his/her altruistic behaviour.
3.2.5. All players must comply with these rules and follow their changes, even if it's not additionaly reported about it.

4. administration

4.1. Prohibited to beat GM during events or disturb events process in any other ways.
Punishment: from warning up to 14 days in jail.
4.2. Prohibited to interfere in GM job, try to influence it in any way or to criticize GM decisions or other administration actions in public.
Punishment: from 50 hours chat ban up to 30-50 days in jail or even character ban.
4.3. Prohibited to argue with GM or assert Your truths, slander, as well as contempt of replication and interaction with administration.
Punishment: from 50 hours chat ban up to 30-50 days in jail or even character ban.
4.4. Prohibited to adverse and disseminate false rumors, to publicize rumor about various administration decisions about server (wipe, off, etc.). Unless information is published by administration in website or discussions forum.
Punishment: from 50 hours chat ban up to 30-50 days in jail or even character ban.
4.5. Prohibited to publicize private conversations with GM. As well as private conversations with other players, if it violates laws of Republic of Lithuania (except for: information which was sent to administration, which is necessary to prove infringement).
Punishment: from 50 hours chat ban up to 30-50 days in jail or even character ban.

5. External programs, game client

5.1. Prohibited to use any special programs and game client emulation, giving Your character advantages in other players aspects or deceiving game server. In additional list of prohibited programs are included:
5.1.1. spec. tools;
5.1.2. additional, usualy invisible information rendering;
5.1.3. special-purpose automation (eg. CP clicker);
5.1.4. game-play tools and (ro)bots;
5.1.5. tools for automated connections (auto connect);
5.1.6. gaming by using server bugs (geodata, itemdata, npcdata and other bugs);
5.1.7. other player disconnection (logout) by using server bugs;
5.1.8. other software, associated with game client and server, which may affect their performance.
Punishment: from 30 up to 50 days in jail or even character ban.

6. Server bugs usage

6.1. Prohibited to use any server bugs.
Punishment: from 30 up to 50 days in jail or even character ban.
6.2. Prohibited to fly with Wyvern above epic-raid monsters.
Punishment: from 30 up to 50 days in jail or even character ban.
6.3. Prohibited to create situations when players can't talk to NPC without using "/target" command (except for "Angelic Vortex" NPC which is located on 14th Tower of Insolence floor).
Punishment: from warning up to 14 days in jail.
6.4. Prohibited to create situations when it's difficult or impossible for players to pass through gates, doors and other narrow passageways.
Punishment: from warning up to 14 days in jail.
6.5. If You found new bug, it's necessary immediately to notify administration (via email or any other possible ways

7. Communication

7.1. Prohibited obscene, insulting communication, non-censorial words flow, also prohibited all manifestations of aggressive fascism, racism and other forms of social aversion.
Punishment: from warning up to 50 hours chat ban.

7.2. Prohibited special advertising of other websites and servers; except for safe game information and individual clans websites.

Punishment: unintended advertising - 50 hours chat ban, aggressive advertising - from 50 hours chat ban up to 30-50 days in jail or even character ban.

7.3. In clan and alliance names, also in character nicknames, are prohibited to use these words: GM, Administrator, Announcement, Admin, past and present administrators pseudonyms, etc. And other phrases that could mislead other players. Prohibited to mislead other players by pretenting to being member of administration, GM.
Punishment: permanent jail.

8. Trade

8.1. Prohibited to discuss and establish real value of virtual property assessing it in real currency and prohibited to trade it for real money in any way.

8.2. Prohibited to trade game accounts for any real money and virtual currency.
8.3. Prohibited exchanging of virtual property and game accounts between World and other servers.
Punishment: permanent jail.

9. Additional rules

9.1. What isn't forbidden, isn't necessarily permissible. Violations while searching for loopholes in rules are intolerable and condemned.
9.2. If violations are repeated or malicious, administration reserves a right to impose additional punishments and make punishments which aren't described here.
9.3. These rules are not retroactive. If violation was made before making these rules or their changes valid, person won't be punished, if administration won't decide in other way.

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